TSP054 | Adam Quinton – Pitching To A Top Angel

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Episode Summary

Adam Quinton is the founder of Lucas Point Ventures, an early seed stage investment company. Adam talks about both his investment strategy and philosophy on today’s show. He also shares his thoughts on what makes a successful pitch as well as gives valuable advice on how a founder can prepare for that second meeting.

What Was Covered

  • 03:35 – How did Adam get started?
  • 05:45 – What are the three things Adam looks for in a pitch?
  • 07:45 – Why will your product work now?
  • 08:30 – If you haven’t got a co-founder now, find one.
  • 08:50 – Multiple co-founders can help with stress.
  • 11:45 – Don’t fill your pitch with lots of facts, because ultimately it’s about you.
  • 12:30 – Adam doesn’t like video product demos.
  • 14:35 – How can you place yourself in front of the right investor?
  • 17:25 – Why did Adam invest in Snaps?
  • 19:55 – Does Adam like a particular startup genre?
  • 21:55 – What’s Adam’s investment philosophy?
  • 26:00 – Would Adam invest in the competitor of a company he has already backed?
  • 27:45 – Adam shares a pitch he loved back in 2012.
  • 29:05 – A husband and wife were the founding team of Rapmedia.
  • 31:05 – How does a founder prepare for the second meeting?
  • 34:55 – Is it important for founders to have an exit strategy?
  • 36:40 – Adam recommends three books.


Links Mentioned

How to Make Your Startup Irresistible to Investors in 5 Easy Steps Webinar
Lucas Point Ventures
Adam Quinton LinkedIn
The Muse
Venture Deals by Brad Feld
What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know by Brian Cohen
Startupland by Mikkel Svane

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TSP055 | Nihal Mehta - How To Create Lightning With Your Vision
TSP053 | Claudia Iannazzo - How to Charm Investors
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