Better Selling Through Storytelling

Today’s buyers are crazy-busy and ultra-savvy which means yesterday’s sales strategies fall flat and leave your salespeople easily forgettable. How can you stand out with new competitors and new technologies disrupting the marketplace everyday?

The Sales people who get to YES are those who become master storytellers with magnetic pitches. Whoever tells the best story gets the sale, and after John speaks, your people will know exactly how to craft irresistible stories.

Before John Leaves the stage, your people will be inspired and equipped to:

  • Utilize Empathy Skills That Win Clients
  • Find out how I helped the CEO of SugarMtn Foods get his team to become more persuasive without being pushy.
  • Find out how I helped the CEO of DHR International become the irresistible choice vs a competitor.

Top Sales Keynote Speaker Who Brings Real Results

Kenneth P. Baker

Co-Regional Managing Principal, Gensler Architecture and design firm

Over $5 million in new business...

We’ve won over $5 million in new business thanks to the storytelling skills John shared with our people!

Sales Keynote Speaker John Livesay Provides the Roadmap to Become a Revenue Rock Star

Dan Carney

Managing Partner DHR International

"I told our CEO that John was the best speaker we have had in my 13 years with the firm."

See why John is the #1 choice for organizations seeking a keynote speaker to enlighten their people on storytelling as a sales tool, being a revenue rockstar and winning back clients.

top sales speaker who gets results

Katherine Twells

VP Customer Marketing Western US, The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola logo

John’s message resonated with our audience.

John Livesay impressed me with his passion and preparation around the Coca-Cola topic of “Exploring The New World Of Technology” for our annual CMO Summit. He was diligent in ensuring his message would resonate by thinking about what would be important to our particular audience and connecting his knowledge and experience to their concerns. John has great energy and enthusiasm.

Christel Kozar

MPH I Program Manager, Anthem Insurance Provider Enablement

We will definitely be working with John again in the future...

John’s dedication to customizing and delivering a high quality, accurate, and engaging presentation gave us the reassurance that he would not disappoint. What we didn’t foresee was the level of enthusiasm, motivation and likability that John exudes that took his presentation beyond our expectations. Our team of 200 people connected with him immediately and left the meeting inspired by their new skills for success. John truly hit it out of the ballpark and we will definitely be working with John again in the future.

Additional Presentations

How To Make The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Everyone needs a great elevator pitch and few people have one. Plato said “Storytellers rule the world.” That is still true today. People remember your stories not your numbers. Do you wish you could tell people who are you are, what you do and why you do it in a way that has them say “That’s interesting … tell me more?” John Livesay is a sales keynote speaker that creates that type of intrigue.

Can you pitch your vision for your company so you can attract the best players for your team? What is the secret to pitching new customers to hire you and get referrals? If yes, then you need a sales keynote speaker like John Livesay who has a roadmap to getting your referrals.

Pitching with a clear, concise and compelling story is the key to breaking through all the noise in today’s digital environment. When you tell great stories you pull people in vs. the old school way of pushing your message out to people. According to John Livesay , a top sales keynote speaker, “When you tug on the heartstrings, people open their purse strings.”

Before John, a sales keynote speaker, leaves the stage, your people will be inspired and equipped to…

  • Have a 90-second elevator pitch that has people saying, “That’s interesting, tell me more!”
  • Learn the THREE magic questions to get people to want to help you
  • Know how to be conversational versus giving a “monologue” in a social setting

​Secret Strategies To Win Back Clients

If you need to win back clients, you need a sales keynote speaker like John Livesay who has done it for his own clients and helped others win back their clients.

Do you feel like you need the tools of a hostage negotiator to win back a client?

Do you feel that a door is closed forever with one of your top clients that left?

Do you feel confused, frustrated, and even angry that one of your best clients left you?

Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” If 20% of your clients generate 80% of your revenue and you lose a client in that top 20%, your revenue suffers. As a sales keynote speaker I help audiences Imagine a way to reopen a door that has been closed and find out how to win back a client so they never left again. With John as your sales keynote speaker, he gives you the step by step proven tools to go from being stuck and confused to soaring with clarity on how to get back a top client.

Enter the Cold Case Detective that solves the cases nobody can or wants to solve – i.e., Winning Back the Clients Who Left You. As a sales keynote speaker, John is uniquely qualified to combine their expertise to be your secret weapon to win back clients.

John Livesay won Salesperson of the Year at Conde Nast for winning back the multi-million dollar Guess account and has helped Gensler win back a big client they lost a year ago. If you want bring back the clients that are filed away as lost forever, then hire John as your next sales keynote speaker.

Before John leaves the stage as your sales keynote speaker, your people will be inspired and equipped with the knowledge they need to…

  • Keep a client loyal so they don’t leave
  • Restore and rebuild a relationship to win back the lost client
  • ​Be productive even while they’re in the “penalty box”
  • Stop playing the blame game

Better Selling through storytelling

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Keynote Speaker, Sales Expert, Media Personality John Livesay.

John Livesay is a top rated sales keynote speaker known as "The Pitch Whisperer." As a keynote speaker he helps salespeople become magnetic storytellers with the ability to make irresistible offers to their ideal clients.

As a keynote sales speaker, John has captivated audiences in settings ranging from Gensler's top management retreat to Coca-Cola's CMO summit. He is also the author of The Successful Pitch: Conversations On Going From Invisible To Investable and the host of "The Successful Pitch" podcast, which is heard in over 60 countries.

John has appeared on TV (CBS, FOX, and ABC) as the expert on "How To Ask For What You Want And Get A Yes." Audiences love him because they know he's been in their shoes. During a 20-year career in media sales with Conde Nast, John worked across all 22 brands in their corporate division, and was the recipient of salesperson of the year honors.

John currently lives in Los Angeles with his two King Charles Spaniels who welcome him home after he returns from his keynote talks, reminding him of the importance of belly rubs. He is an active supporter of Project Angel Food, which delivers food to people who are homebound with critical illness.