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Keynote Speaker John Livesay

Things Meeting Planners Want To Know

We know it’s a big, important decision when you hire a speaker. Here are answers to some of the questions you’re sure to be asking as you consider John and other speakers for your event.
Q: What are your most popular speaking topics?
A: John is most often called on to deliver one of three presentations:
• How to Go From Invisible To Irresistible
• How to Make The Perfect Elevator Pitch
• Secrets To Winning Back Clients

Q: What types of sales professionals are the best fit for your message?
A: The sales principles and strategies John advocates can be instantly implemented by sales professionals in the following markets to win new business and grow their existing business: technology, automotive, luxury, retail, fashion, travel, and design.

Q: How much do you customize your talk for each audience?
A: John has no “canned” presentations. With every engagement, he performs an in-depth analysis of the client company’s culture and challenges. Specific event objectives and the event theme are also woven into the presentation. On-site, John spends time with the audience either the night before or the day of the talk in order to make a connection that engages the whole audience.

Q: What are the key outcomes we can expect after you speak?
A: After John speaks to your audience, you can expect:
• A shift in mindset: from focusing on “how to sell” to “how to be a master storyteller”
• No more being seen as a commodity, but instead as a priority worthy of premium pricing
• Your people will have a clear roadmap to becoming revenue rock stars

Q: What is the #1 reason we should hire you to speak at our event?
A: John has been in your salespeople’s shoes. This is not a keynote on the theory of selling or storytelling, but proven step-by-step instructions to make your sales force more cohesive, confident, and compelling. The old way of selling, pushing a message out, no longer works. The new way is to become a master storyteller that pulls people in, so you become irresistible. John knows this better than anyone, because he’s done it. He’s won clients. He’s won back clients. He’s been a top sales performer.

Q: What is your speaking fee?
A: John has multiple packages available based on a client’s needs and objectives. Fees vary based on the event location, length of presentation, and other factors. We will always try to accommodate a client’s needs to deliver an effective solution. Click below to schedule a call so we can talk about your program and how John can help you create an amazing event and boost sales.

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