How To Ask For What You Want… AND Get A Yes!
Sales keynote speaker John is frequently called on as an expert in today’s marketplace, to share proven advice on How To Ask For What You Want And Get A Yes! Watch highlights from some of The Pitch Whisperer‘s Media Appearances below:
KTLA morning news segment, "Going from invisible to irresistible".

TV Appearances

KTLA morning news segment, "Going from invisible to irresistible".

ABC – KATU2: How to Ask for What You Want

Fox 11 News Los Angeles – John Livesay – The Successful Pitch Book

CBS Talk of the Town with John Livesay

Evertalk Live

Yahoo Finance

KTLA NEWS-From Invisible To Irresistible

Talk of the Town with John Livesay



About the Author: Keynote Speaker, Sales Expert, Media Personality John Livesay.

Author and Sales Keynote Speaker, John Livesay wrote Better Selling Through Storytelling to help people get off the self-esteem roller coaster of only feeling good if things are going well and bad about themselves if their career is hitting a low point. Too many salespeople burn out because they push their information out and hope it sticks. John's book is the cure for burnout. The book lays out a step by step proven process on how to tell stories and pull people in vs. pushing your message out. 

As a Sales Keynote Speaker, John has found that when you become a storyteller you also become a revenue rockstar. When you tell stories you are memorable. When you tell stories you are tapping into people's emotions and since people buy emotionally and back it up with logic, this is a secret sauce you must add now! When you tell stories you no longer get into price battles as your story paints a picture of value and you become

NY Times best selling author, Tim Sanders wrote the foreword and said "This book is a walk through John Livesay's mind. I invite you to wear comfortable shoes."

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Better Selling Through Storytelling Course