Three Challenges Top Level Recruiters Face

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In today’s competitive job market, where unemployment is at a low, employees have many choices. It is much like the housing market where it is either a buyers market or a seller’s market. In this environment, you are likely going to face these three challenges. Read on and I will show you three simple strategies to overcome them.

Challenge 1: You have had a great year and wonder how you are ever going beat your sales revenue from last year. This is a common issue many recruiters faces year after year.

Solution 1: Look for things that your competition is not doing or is unwilling to do as a way to get new growth.

Michael Phelps has won the most gold medals in Olympic history, but he didn’t start at the top. In 2006, I spoke with him at an event I had organized, and I asked him how he achieved greatness.

“Everyone says you’re so successful in the water because you’re tall and your feet are huge and you’ve got this lung capacity. I’m guessing there’s something else to it.”  He replied, “Years ago, my coach said to me, ‘Hey Michael, are you willing to work out on Sundays?’ to which I said, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, “Great. We just got 52 more workouts in than your competitors, because most people take Sundays off.”

Knowing this one success secret as a professional or leader can prove to be valuable time and time again. The question to ask yourself if “What am I willing to do that my competition is not?” That’s what going to set you apart.

Challenge 2: How do you build trust with a new client?

Recruiters have to build trust to get a company to use them. Recruiters also have to build trust with executives who are happy in their job to consider the job opportunities at a time when they are “not looking.”

Solution 2 Many people think that if they give out enough information about how many successful placements they have made or all the benefits that come with a job that people will suddenly want to take action. The mistake is thinking if you get people to know you and the offering, they will then like you and eventually trust you.

The order is all wrong! People have to first trust you, which is a gut thing. In fact the handshake came about to show you didn’t have a gun in your hand. Then it moves to the heart where people decide if they like you or not. Then it moves to the head where people think “Can I see myself in this job?” Or “Can I see myself working with you?”

Once you know to start from the gut and work your way to the heart and then the head you will handle the trust issue.


  • Trust (Gut)
  • Like (Heart)
  • Know (Head)

Challenge 3: You and your recruiting firm are seen as commodities. The common objection is “you are all the same.”

Solution 3: The key to standing out so that people remember you when they are hearing a pitch is to tell a story!  The person who tells the best story gets the sale.

A good story has 4 elements:

  • Exposition-Paint the picture of who, what and where
  • Problem-Describe a problem someone else faced so the client sees themselves in your story.
  • Solution –Tell a story that shows you overcoming an obstacle and going the extra mile for a client
  • Resolution –What is life like after working with you? How happy is the new employee in their new job? How much revenue has the new employee you placed generated for the company?

Now you know how to build grow your business beyond your previous success, new ways to build trust and how to make sure your story is compelling and memorable. To be the best and stay on top, you must let go of the old way of selling and pushing out information. The new way of selling is to tell stories that pull people in and make you irresistible.  Start using storytelling to become a revenue rock star!

Heads In Beds : 3 Winning Sales Strategies One Las Vegas Hotel Executed To Be Fully Booked
Persuasion With An Added Twist

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