Persuasion With An Added Twist

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“Storytellers Rule The World” Plato

How do you persuade someone to do what you want them to do? Take your side, buy from you, invest in you, hire you and listen to you?

When I interviewed Dr. Robert Cialdini he opened up a whole new area of persuasion that is in his book Pre-Suasion. The process starts before you talk! Here is what he said:

“Pre-Suasion, is that it doesn’t matter how good a seed you have, if the ground hasn’t been prepared ahead of time, it’s not going to bear fruit until that cultivation is done. Something else has to happen first for the thing really to get leverage and traction.

You talk about that in your book Pre-Suasion where it says, “There’s a privileged moment for change that you need to have to get people to be receptive to your message.” Can you expound upon that? I love the analogy of the fruit of soil.

Privileged moments are those moments that occur just before a message is delivered so as to create a state of mind in recipients that’s consistent with the forthcoming message. It’s the moment in which we can arrange for others to be attuned to our message before they encounter it. That step is crucial for maximizing desired change.

For example, in one study, when researchers approached individuals and asked for help with the marketing survey, only 29% agreed to participate. If the researchers approached a
second sample and preceded that request with a simple presuasive question, “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?” Now, 77.3% volunteered to help with the survey. Why? When asked before the request if they were helpful, nearly everyone answered yes. Then when the request occurred, most agreed to participate in order to be consistent with the recently activated idea of themselves as helpful people.”

How can you plant the soil so your seed of persuasion grows fast?

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Three Challenges Top Level Recruiters Face
“Storytellers Rule The World” Plato

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