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“Storytellers Rule The World” Plato
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Today marketers have more choices than ever before. Run an ad on Facebook, twitter or Instagram? Create sponsored content? Sponsor a
social media contest?

The one arrow in a marketer’s tool box that is more powerful than any ad or content is creating a “talk trigger” that creates brand ambassadors and word of mouth.

When I interviewed Daniel Lemin, co-author of Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers With Word Of Mouth he gave me insights that can help anyone.

The premise is you want to say something that triggers a conversation, which is what a good pitch does. The second part for me, from what I can tell that you’re offering people, does not only do it trigger a conversation but it triggers a memorable conversation.

“The hero insight that led us to write this book was that the economic impact of word of mouth. The things we say amongst ourselves as buyers, investors and consumers of things, the economic impact of that is much more massive than we might assume. 20% of every purchase decision that’s made is directly driven by word of mouth discussion or recommendation. The challenge is few companies have an actual strategy to make word of mouth happen. They assume that it happens. You probably know from a gut feel as well as we did, that doesn’t happen. It’s a gamble you take that someone’s going to talk about your brand. We started looking at examples of companies that do something a little bit different in the delivery of their surface.

For example, the UberConference. What’s great about UberConference is if you’ve ever been on a conference call from UberConference, you may be familiar with their country, Twain-y hold music. It’s a hilarious song. It’s all about being on hold. You can go check it out, Google UberConference hold song. You’ll quickly find it. The impact of that
when you’re on hold and then end up on the call nearly every single time someone says, “Did everybody else here that hold music? That was amazing.” In fact, if you go on Twitter, even on Google and search for UberConference hold music, people go crazy for that song. What they have done is nothing magical. They built in a slightly different way of filling a customer experience gap, in this case with hold music. That was the spark. That is an actual idea. That’s a Talk Trigger. It generates some material for a consumer to work with. It gives them a story to tell. That’s the hero insight behind it.”

It’s an interesting thing that something could be so engaging that people would go listen to hold music while they’re not on hold.

“UberConference hired Postmodern Jukebox to do a remix of it in multiple different genres.”

What can you do to create a Marketing Talk Trigger in your business?

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“Storytellers Rule The World” Plato
The #1 Negotiation Tactic

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