TSP037 | Geri Stengel – How To Find The Perfect Angel Investor

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TSP038 | Roger Dooley - How To Grab Investors Attention
How To Make Your Pitch STAND OUT - Interview with Dorie Clark

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Episode Summary

Geri Stengel is the president for Ventureneer and is a regular contributor for Forbes, QuickBooks, and Turnstone. Geri is known for being a serial entrepreneur, teacher, and author of the book, Forget the Glass Ceiling. Geri talks on how to design your elevator pitch in such a way that it grabs attention. She also talks about how important it is for entrepreneurs to be agile learners, people with curiosity, and have the ability to tolerate ambiguity.

Key Takeaways

  • 00:02:15 – What was the business culture like at Dow Jones?
  • 00:03:00 – Geri explains a little bit more of her background and what she has done.
  • 00:04:30 – What is the difference between men and women founders?
  • 00:06:45 – It’s important to show investors that you are trustworthy.
  • 00:09:15 – Geri explains further on an article she wrote for QuickBooks.
  • 00:12:10 – Equity crowdfunding or traditional angels?
  • 00:15:10 – Only about 3% of accredited investors are angel investors.
  • 00:18:40 – Investors want entrepreneurs to be coachable.
  • 00:23:00 – Reward-based crowdfunding is a great way to test the waters.
  • 00:25:15 – Geri talks about her book.
  • 00:27:25 – Follow Geri @VentureNeer on Twitter.


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Links Mentioned

Ventureneer Twitter
Women Entrepreneurs Get Their Game On With Angel Investors
Forget the Glass Ceiling by Geri Stengel.
Investing Between the Lines by Laura Rittenhouse.

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TSP038 | Roger Dooley - How To Grab Investors Attention
How To Make Your Pitch STAND OUT - Interview with Dorie Clark
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