Leeza Gibbons wins Celebrity Apprentice with Kindness

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Pitch like your life depended on it!
The 3 Types of Investors

When Leeza Gibbons interviewed me about my book, The 7 Most Powerful Selling Secrets, we talked about ABK. Always be Kind.

Kind doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you-even if they are Geraldo Rivera. Nice, SMART people are successful. You don’t have to be a shark to win one over.

Click below and scroll down to hear her interview me. She proved that her style of kindness not only got her money for her charity, but also got her declared the WINNER!


It starts with the way you talk to yourself:

  • Do you beat yourself up or do you say kind, supportive things to make your dreams of a start up become a reality?
  • What do you say when you don’t get the sale or the investor to say yes?
  • How can you be kind and supportive to your start up team if you are not that way to yourself?

If you want to know how to win investors over with kindness and the WOW factor so you attract supportive, respectful investors to join your team, book at 15 min call with me to see HOW to do it

Pitch like your life depended on it!
The 3 Types of Investors

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