Pitch like your life depended on it!

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Secrets on Stamina and Funding
Leeza Gibbons wins Celebrity Apprentice with Kindness

Imagine you were in the ocean with real sharks! It would sure make a great story and that is one of the keys to a making a great pitch to investors.


What would you feel?


I. Scared or excited? Fear is never good for giving a pitch-that just gives you stage fright. What is the solution? Become a Hall of Famer. Preparation is when you get the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation.


What one Shark Tank winner says :

“Proper planning prevents poor performance,” he said. “Before I went on ‘Shark Tank,’ I watched every episode twice and created a flow chart of potential questions based off each Shark’s personality. There wasn’t a single question I wasn’t prepared for.”


II. Focused or distracted? Being in the moment and taking the investors on a journey where you explain your vision, your passion and why your team is the best to make the vision grow is essential to making your pitch work.


You have to show how you:

1) Make it up-what makes this idea unique and what problem does it solve?

2) Make it real -show your proof of concept

3) Make it reoccur- what is your traction?


III. Committed to surviving or surrender to defeat, aka UNDERWATER?

Here’s what Jay Acunzo is NextView’s Director of Platform says about the importance of storytelling to get funded:


“Luckily, every story from nursery rhymes to Shakespeare to stellar startup pitches can be distilled into three parts: a status quo, some conflict, and a resolution.”


To make sure you pitch with the same passion, perseverance and preparation you would need to survive a shark encounter, schedule a 15 min call with me to see if and how I can help you not just survive, but thrive!

Secrets on Stamina and Funding
Leeza Gibbons wins Celebrity Apprentice with Kindness

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