How to Pitch Like a TED Talk

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The 3 Types of Investors
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TED talks are known for having amazing speakers who have “ideas worth spreading.”

You want your pitch to an investor to have the same impact as a TED talk that will inspire people to say yes to your request for funding.

Here are 3 keys to success with your pitch:

1) Practice.

“If you rehearse really well, it looks improvisational. Some people rehearse to the point where they are robotic and they sound like they have memorized their presentation and didn’t take it to the next level. Going from sounding memorized and canned to sounding natural is a lot of work.” Nancy Durate TED speaker

2) Audience focused

What does your audience want to hear vs what do you want to say is the key to getting engagement. They want to hear how your idea or product makes an impact or solves a problem vs how it works.

3) Images tell stories

The best way to make your presentation memorable is to tell a story that is grounded in an image you show in your presentation. People forget facts and figures, but remember the story.

If you want to be the person who has a pitch that makes people pursue you, then become a Hall-of-Famer and schedule a complimentary 15 minute call with me for more funding tips.

The 3 Types of Investors
3 Myths of Getting Funded

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