3 Myths of Getting Funded

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How to Pitch Like a TED Talk
Land the Plane with Investors

Pitching an Investor is the Superbowl of meetings!

Tom Brady doesn’t wing it at the Superbowl

Tom Petty didn’t wing his performance at the Superbowl

They all practiced!

Here is what your competition is doing to get prepared to get funded fast on the Hall-Of-Famer package:


3 common myths

1) Myth: I can wing it and read my slides

Truth: If you don’t practice, you will stumble

If you read your slides, you will bore your audience

2 ) Myth: If I practice too much I won’t sound authentic

Truth: There is no such thing as overthinking your pitch or too much practice

If you practice enough, you can sound conversational and confident

3 ) Myth: Investors need to understand how my product works

Truth: Investors have to care what problem you solve before they care how
The confused mind always says NO

“A good pitch is very rare. It is so hard executing on everything else that has to be done to build a successful company, pitching often suffers. But the ability to pitch is a key indicator for investors—if the entrepreneur doesn’t know how to sell, how can he or she build a great company?” Garage tech ventures

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How to Pitch Like a TED Talk
Land the Plane with Investors

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