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3 Sales Struggles

1) Tired Of Coming In 2nd Place?
It's not your fault. You don't know how to tell a case story. The person that tells the best story is the one that gets the sale! Make sure that person is you and not one of your competitors.

2) Are You Feeling Pushy Instead Of Persuasive?
The myth is that people think if they get people to know them and the product that they then will buy. People don't buy from getting information. This is what causes you to be seen as pushy. You push out information. It's not your fault. You need to learn how to make an emotional connection and tug at client's heartstrings.

3) Do your sales cycle keeps getting longer and longer?
You feel so frustrated that decisions keep taking longer. You wonder if you are doing something wrong. What if you could get clients to say yes 25% faster than they do now? Turns out the person that tells the best story is the one that gets people to go from saying "I will think about it" to "I want that now."

Using Zoom, John Livesay can deliver a customized virtual keynote
or remote training session for your team on the topics of selling, storytelling, and persuasion.

It will be very interactive with Zoom breakout rooms and real-time polling features.

Virtual Keynote sales speaker John Livesay, aka “The Pitch Whisperer,” helps sales forces connect with today’s crazy-busy, ultra-savvy buyers by becoming master storytellers with magnetic pitches.

Whoever tells the best story gets the sale.

After John speaks, your people will know exactly how to turn case studies into case stories that are irresistible.