How to go from Invisible to Irresistible

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John is Guest on School for Startups Radio - The Perfect Pitch
Secrets on Stamina and Funding

Have you ever felt invisible to someone you want to attract whether that is a potential date or investor?

Have you ever wondered what makes someone irresistible to investors?

Have you ever felt stuck in the middle where someone is interested in your offer, but not enough to say yes?

Well let’s talk about what to do to move up the ladder to get funded.

If you are invisible to investors, it means you don’t have one idea picked out yet and you haven’t invested any of your own money to make it real.

If you are insignificant to investors, it means you have picked one idea and have put some money into it, but you don’t have a team or prototype yet.


If you are interesting to investors, that is when I can start to help you move up the ladder. You have a team, a prototype and possible even testing to see what consumers think about the idea with some feedback. You are an expert in the market potential and have a vision. Investors are 50% interested, but not enough to say yes.

If you are intriguing to investors, you have probably got some traction and have not only a vision, but a road map to get there along with a team, prototype and maybe even some revenue.

If you want to be irresistible to investors, you have all of the above PLUS a huge amount of traction, passion and a pitch deck that is so compelling you cause investors to be INSPIRED to join your team with their money and ideas.

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John is Guest on School for Startups Radio - The Perfect Pitch
Secrets on Stamina and Funding